Dreadlocks are available for Men and Women at Manik.
Getting Dreadlocks takes several hours in most cases.
Manik provides Dread starting, Dread repair,
Dread extensions with High-Quality Human Hair, and Dread washing.

Dreadlocks are available with prior booking.
There are many different options and styles with dreads that it’s
virtually impossible to properly quote by email,
we have made it easy to schedule a NO HASSLE and FREE consultation.

Know what you want and we’ll make it happen!
There are countless ways to do dreads,
and countless example pictures on Pinterest and Google
so please know what it is you’re after and we’ll make it
happen or let you know why it’s not for you.

Human Hair Dread Extensions
Human hair dreadlocks extensions are a great way to achieve full
and fantastic results fast. They’re perfect if you’re just
looking to accessorize with a few dreads without damaging
your natural hair or if you want to supplement your dreads
to achieve a fuller set of dreads.

Dread Lock Extensions require A consultation one day prior
to an application to determine suitability, color match, and quote.

For more info please contact Manik by
Phone: +62 8776 0302 490
Email: maniksalonbali@gmail.com