At MANIK we have our famous DETOX Facial.

We offer deep cleansing facials, catering to ladies and men.
Everyone deserves a beautiful, healthy clean skin
Facials do not discriminate.

Using an Ultra Red machine and our signature cream
we deep clean your skin all the way to the dermis.

This facial will remove all toxins from your skin.
Toxins caused by nicotine, alcohol, and so forth,
and will leave your skin clean and healthy.

There is no downtime with our facial, you will look
radiant straight away, and the effects will last two months.

Clean your skin from the epidermis all the way to the dermis.

Remove toxins caused by nicotine, alcohol, and pollution.
The chemicals in the cream we use for your face,
will leave your skin healthy and radiant.
The effects of our facial will last 2 months.
Please note our skincare, Floréal is 100% natural,
designed for us, using Vitamin A and Beewax as a preservative.